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Call recording - a growing requirement.

Many businesses require call recording for a number of reasons, utilising call recording can benefit your business in a number of ways and more importantly something that has been an expensive add on or option is now available to small businesses.Call recording from The One Point - a legal requirement nowadays

We can provide solutions for fixed telephone systems and also VOIP based solutions, if you only have a few users that require call recording why spend money on a system that gives it to everyone?

Our call recording starts at only £9.00 per month for single users and we can provide complete solutions for multiple users on a number of traditional fixed line telephone systems such as Panasonic and NEC.

Call recording benefits include:

  • Increased staff efficiency.
  • Calls can be used for training purposes.
  • Calls can be used to refer details back to customers / clients.
  • Calls can be used in customer / staff disputes.
  • Calls can be used in legal situations where full call recordings are required.

We are more than happy to provide you with the correct advice in order to supply the right call recording solution for your business.